Hugo Farmer


Known activist with left/anti-capitalist/anarchist leanings. Currently suspected to be plotting a campaign of propaganda calculated to foment unrest through the medium of art – specifically sculptures and paintings.
Said inflammatory acts and communication are not as yet actionable in criminal terms in the UK but warrant closer scrutiny lest they trigger more widespread art attacks.  


Subject’s background is far removed from what might be described as the obvious hothouses of radicalism, with no proven links to known anti-capitalist groups or with intellectual Marxist cadres of the ilk of the so-called Cambridge Five. On the contrary, the subject’s forbears are illustrious, if not necessarily conformist and it is the opinion of this agency that this provides an ideal cover. 
Positive and negative influencers include:
    •    Father: Racing driver of some renown during the 1970s who appeared in The Italian Job feature film – alcoholic and known as a ‘loose cannon’.
    •    Grandfather: Reverend Peter Pitt-Brooke, vicar, Conservative Avon County Councillor and honorary Bristol City Alderman.
    •    Stepfather: Jim Scott, ‘Hippy’ activist and Hare Krishna member associated with the utopian Auroville – an ashram founded by the Sri Aurobindo Society in Tamil Nadu, South India as ‘a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities’. The subject lived in this environment for some years from the age of three, during which time there is reason to suspect he was inculcated with the above mantra. 
    •    Jim Scott continued to brainwash his stepson on returning to their native Bristol, where he was the Green Party candidate for Clifton (in direct opposition to the Rev. Pitt-Brooke).
    •    Captain James Brooke, celebrated first white Rajah of Sarawak, who brought an end to piracy and slavery in the Malay Pensinula. The model for the hero of Conrad’s Lord Jim, Rajah Brooke’s was something of a British Empire icon after his heroic rescue of civilians from the Moro Pirates in 1862.It has therefore been mooted that his swashbuckling adventures and simultaneously pro- and anti-establishment stance may have been the mould that shaped the subject’s own brand of subversion. 


    •    Reported political espionage dating from teenage years. Subject is known to have worked undercover for his Green Party card-carrying stepfather. Activities included the theft of Conservative Party campaign correspondence with a view to sabotage. 

    •    Other early crimes include burning of, and expectorating on, Conservative campaign posters.
    •    Unconfirmed reports on 2nd April 2014 of attendance at the ‘Seventeen Contradictions of Capitalism’ lecture by prominent Marxist thinker Professor David Harvey at the London School of Economics and Political Science, a known hotbed of radicalism. 
    •    Subject captured on CCTV buying Prof. Harvey’s tract, ‘Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism’.
    •    Wires report chatter concerning subject’s plan in the wake of the SE Asian Tsunami to set up a ‘crack commando squad’ to help victims of natural disasters. Evidence suggests subject has undergone rigorous training in first responder rescue skills.
    •    Anti capitalist marcher


‘I don’t see anybody as more important than anyone else… Regardless of race, ethnicity, creed or class it’s important to take on board everyone’s opinions…’